Volunteers Are Not Covered by Workers Compensation

Many non-profit organizations depend on volunteers for various functions and capacities. In some cases volunteers may be involved in strenuous and physical activities that are crucial for operations. Physical injury to the volunteer is a real possibility. It is important for non-profit organizations to understand that injuries to volunteers are not protected by Workers Compensation.

Workers Compensation insurance is a requirement for businesses and is designed to cover an employee’s medical expenses and lost wages as a result of a work related injury. Volunteers are not considered employees under the Workers Compensation laws for most states.

Volunteer Participant Accident insurance was developed to provide some level of medical, disability or death benefits for volunteers. This coverage will respond to injuries sustained by a volunteer during the course of their work for the non-profit. A wide range of benefit levels and options are available. The insurance is an important consideration for providing a level of protection to the volunteers who make operations possible. Let us know if you would like additional information regarding the product.

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