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Saving for Retirement: Are you Ready?

Presented by: Matt Clayson Will I have enough money to retire? It’s a common question and one that has increased in magnitude lately — especially for people in their 40s and 50s. Indeed a MassMutual study in 2018 found that the greatest worry for those on the edge of retirement was not having enough money […]

This Old House, Needs Some Updates

  Staring at the same four walls for the past year may have triggered you to start thinking about making some changes. Many of us have taken the opportunity to tackle home projects this past year. In 2020, Farmers Insurance surveyed homeowners and found that 62% of those polled are planning renovation or maintenance on […]

Allergies: Seasonal Relief

Days are growing longer, warmer weather is creeping in and as the seasons change, so will your allergy symptoms. You can combat your allergic reactions with these seasonal tips. Spring Mold growth blooms indoors and outdoors with spring rains. As flowers, trees, weeds and grasses begin to blossom, allergies will follow. Spring-cleaning activities can stir […]

Protecting Your Valuable Articles

It is beginning to look a lot like… Diamonds, art, and shiny new golf clubs! We hope you had a safe and happy holiday season.  Post-holiday season is a great time to consider coverage for your shiny new ring, a beautiful new piece of artwork, your new DSLR camera, Callaway golf clubs, or Steinway grand […]

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

2020 has been a long year. COVID has changed our family & social landscape, Old man winter is settling in, days are shorter, nights are longer and this time of year carries its own stresses for many. Mental health and wellness should be a top priority and many people may not realize the signs and […]

Want to lower your tax bill?

 There are a number of opportunities to offset prior-year income and capture credits. Areas to look at include: Retirement plan contributions Deductions Penalties  Credits Retirement plans: Retroactive contributions Your traditional Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, offers the biggest potential bang for the buck. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows taxpayers to make deductible prior-year contributions […]

Preventing Frozen Pipes for Business

Cold temperatures can reach areas of your facility that you seldom visit or cannot see, such as: Crawl spaces Closets Enclosed spaces (e.g., attics, lofts, roof spaces) Warehouses Isolated storage areas Strategies to Help Prevent Frozen Pipes Some prevention strategies to consider: Properly insulate and/or provide approved heat tracing for water-filled pipes located in exterior […]

Client Spotlight: GreenRoots

GreenRoots COVID19 Response in Chelsea and East Boston As an environmental justice organization serving some of MA’s most vulnerable residents, GreenRoots has trumpeted for years that our neighborhoods would be hit first and worst by a disaster. However, we anticipated that the crisis would be climate-related, not the COVID19 pandemic that is ravaging our communities. […]