President Signs PACE ACT Changing Small Group Definition

On Oct. 7, 2015, President Obama signed The Protecting Affordable Coverage for Employees (PACE) Act that amends the Affordable Care Act (ACA) definition of a “small employer” for the purpose of purchasing health insurance coverage.

Small Group Market Expansion
Most states have historically defined “small employers” as those with 50 or fewer employees for purposes of defining their small group health insurance market. Effective for 2016 plan years, the ACA expanded the definition of a “small employer” to include those that employed an average of between one and 100 employees. The PACE Act eliminates the ACA’s new definition and gives states the option of expanding their small group markets to include businesses with up to 100 employees.

Obviously employers with well over 100 employees are not affected by this act, and employers with under 50 employees would generally be considered part of the small group market regardless of these changes. Employers in the range of 50-100 employees will need to consult with their employee benefits advisors and health insurance carriers to determine how this may impact their benefits and rates going forward.

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