Inland Marine Policies

Inland Marine policies, as compared to Ocean Marine policies, are meant to cover non ocean related property that is under construction, moves from place to place or is of special or high value. These features usually do not make them good candidates to be insured by standard business property policies.

The term “Inland Marine” covers policies that have many different names to describe what they cover. When you see a building under construction, it would be insured under a Builders Risk policy. Cargo in transit would be insured by a Cargo policy. Contractors Equipment would be insured under an Equipment policy. Jewelry stores inventory is covered by a Jewelers Block policy.

What are some of the benefits of insuring property under an Inland Marine Policy form?

  • Most of them have broader coverage than standard property policies
  • Most use a rate structure that is more advantageous to the insured
  • Many insure the property in question under a “stated” value, meaning the stated value of the property insured is what you would receive if it were destroyed or lost as compared with Actual Cash Value which is a depreciated value

These coverages can be written as a stand-alone policy or added to a commercial property policy by endorsement. The industries where you typically see Inland Marine coverage are construction, warehousing and transit and where there is a “bailee” exposure, such as a dry cleaner. Loss to the property of others in their possession is covered under an Inland Marine form.

If you think that you may have an Inland Marine exposure or if you have coverage but are not sure if it is sufficient, please call Mike Regan at Regan Cleary Insurance.

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