Client Spotlight: Holyhood Cemetery

This fall we are pleased to spotlight our client Holyhood Cemetery. We are extremely proud of the relationship we’ve forged over the many years of working together. Our own Nancy Burns has worked with Holyhood Cemetery for well over 15 years. She knows first hand how dedicated their staff is to maintaining and preserving the historical status and authenticity of the grounds.


The Holyhood Cemetery Association has an extensive history which spans over 150 years. It was established in 1857 and incorporated in 1872. At the time it was laid out in 1857, Holyhood Cemetery reflected the mid-19th century influence of romantic landscape cemetery planning begun at Cambridge’s Mt. Auburn Cemetery in the 1830’s. It was the first such cemetery in Brookline. The name Holyhood was derived from the term used to designate the winding sheet in which the body of our Saviour was surrounded before interment.

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