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5 Things Millennials Should Know About Life Insurance

Regardless of how well prepared you think you are for adult responsibilities, there is always room for improvement – especially when it comes to life insurance. For millennials, life insurance may not feel like a totally immediate concern; however, it is the type of insurance that is too often underestimated and even more complicated than […]

Questions to ask yourself when assessing your personal insurance needs

In light of the recent natural disasters happening around the globe, we are unfortunately reminded of the importance of obtaining proper personal insurance. If you are a homeowner, it is pertinent to routinely assess your personal insurance policy’s coverage. Unforeseen events (knock on wood) happen, and at that time you will be relieved of one […]

3 Tips for Building your Startup

The first step is to come up with your business idea – now it’s time to build! In order for your new startup to be a success, you need spunk, determination and a strategy. But where to begin? From product, to employees, to clients, the responsibility can be overwhelming. We’ve put together a few of our […]

The Ins and Outs of A Successful Employee Benefits Strategy

Most business owners prefer to recruit employees with proven talent in their fields. This instinct often encourages entrepreneurs to hire top talent quickly, offering competitive salaries and benefits—especially for employees with specific technical skills that may result in direct growth for the company. But is paying high always the way to attract the best employees? After […]

The Skinny on Life Insurance

If you have any dependents that fall under your responsibility – children, spouse, a special needs adult – it may be time to have the life insurance policy conversation. It’s not always a pleasant thought, but it’s certainly necessary to consider if you are the primary caregiver to another person. In the event of your […]

4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Renter’s Insurance

When most people think about insurance, they associate it with buying a car or home. Renter’s insurance is often overshadowed in this way. Even though renter’s insurance is not always required, it’s still important when considering the net worth of your personal items. At Cleary, we recommend renter’s insurance so that you’re protected against the […]

Myth Busted: Entrepreneurs are NOT actually risk takers

Entrepreneurs are often mislabeled as “risk takers,” while in reality the most successful ones make calculated and mindful decisions. This sense of purpose and deliberation comprise a few of the qualities that differentiate successful entrepreneurs from the average risk taker. A risk takers’ biggest mistake is depending too much on chance. Too often, they lay […]

3 Important Tips for Filing your Commercial Insurance Claim

Whether the damage is small or large, tangible or not, any business owner in the process of filing a commercial insurance claim faces a good deal of stress. More time and effort is needed to maintain the business while repairs are negotiated with the insurance policy provider. We encourage small businesses to take a look at […]

Liability Insurance: What is NOT Covered

Most corporations opt for some form of liability insurance, and small businesses are no exception. But if you’re new to the world of risk management, the first question to ask yourself is: what exactly is liability insurance? General liability insurance – often referred to as commercial insurance – is best described as coverage for damages […]

3 Risks that Keep Small Business Owners Up at Night

It’s not easy to run a small business. Business owners face a diverse range of risks—some business related, but also personal jeopardies such as debt and income loss if things go really wrong. So what are the highest risks that commonly keep small business owners up at night? An article from Forbes provides some insight; […]