Michael Regan Director at Large

Regan Cleary Insurance, a division of Cleary insurance Inc., is pleased to announce that Michael Regan has been elected a Director at Large for the National Association of Surety Bond Producers (NASBP). The NASBP is the national trade organization for insurance agencies that specialize in surety bonding.

What is NASBP?

NASBP producers specialize in providing surety bonds for construction companies and other industries requiring surety. Examples of the types of bonds provided include performance & payment bonds, fidelity bonds, forgery bonds, judicial bonds license & permit bonds, tax and customs bonds. NASBP members engage in surety production throughout the United States, its territories and internationally.

Prior to this national role, Michael served two terms as the New England Regional Director. He also continues as the Government Affairs Representative for Massachusetts. Michael’s new role also makes him a member of the Board of Directors of the NASBP. He will serve a three-year term, participating in recruitment and retention activities for the association acting as a liaison with a subcommittee and participating in strategic and policy decisions for the NASBP. For further information about the NASBP please visit www.nasbp.org.